Flack has your back!

Whether it gets damaged or some cheeky blighter runs off with it, don't you worry we've got your back.

We want you to have a great experience with Flack so if your item is damaged while rented out or stolen. Let us know.

Just get in touch with us at info@flack.co.nz within 48 hours of the end of the booking and we'll get in touch quick smart to try sort out your situation.

If we decide you've got a valid claim, we'll cover you up to the value you paid for them (on your proof of purchase) up to $2,500 and no less than $250. Flack will evaluate the claim and either pay out the full purchase value or a market value based on the market value and condition of the item.

Late fees are not included as part of our backing. However, if a renter returns your item late, and doesn't voluntarily pay for it, we will do everything we can to recover those fees on your behalf and, as per our General Terms, we may blacklist the associated renter.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible you must be able to answer the following statements truthfully:

  • I have not been convicted of, or charged with, any offence other than motoring offences in the past 10 years.
  • I have not made more than 2 insurance claims in the past 5 years relating to contents and private goods theft.

What's required for a Flack claim?

  • Take photos or a video of your item before it's rented out. These need to be timestamped so we recommend taking them on a smartphone where timestamps are automatically encrypted. Date stamped photos are also useful.
  • If you're claiming on damage, send photos or video of the damage so we can best understand the situation. Please explain the reason for your dispute.
  • Make sure all items you give the renter are mentioned in the listing. If they're not in the listing. They're not covered.
  • Make sure you can locate the proof of purchase of your items, these will be extremely helpful for successful claims.
  • A copy of a police report as proof if theft has taken place.
  • If you have your own personal or commercial insurance, you will be required to claim on this before your claim comes to Flack. if your insurance will not cover it, or your claim is rejected for any reason, come to us and we'll try sort you out.

Hot tip - if a user has a bad rating, think twice about renting your products out, this will also protect the integrity of the rating system.

As a borrower, am I covered?

No, Flack will only apply cover to you as a lender of your goods. If for any reason you require insurance as a renter, we would encourage you to take out your own policy.

Liability as a borrower?

Borrowers are fully liable for loss or damages caused to the item.

In the event that the borrower is unable to return an item in the condition it was rented in they will need to pay for the item to be repaired or replaced.

If it is possible to repair the item the borrower will pay the repair cost, not the total purchase value of the item. For example, if someone borrows a Kayak and snaps the paddle, they will only have to replace the paddle, not the entire Kayak.

Excluded items

The following items are excluded from the Flack theft guarantee: motorised ride on equipment, tractors, mowers, motor vehicles, motorcycles (including Farm Bikes of any type), boats, jetskis (more suitably covered under a Marine Policy), Aircraft of any type including drones, houses and other buildings or structures, any illegal goods, firearms and ammunitions of any type.