Hiring Scuba gear

Get into diving and snorkelling for a day by renting scuba gear on Flack! Find the right equipment to make your dive safer, easier, and more comfortable. About the gear A mask and snorkel is a great start to exploring the underwater world, allowing you to see and breathe while swimming around the surface. Fins or flippers are another essential to help you move through the water with ease. Wear a wetsuit to help you stay warm and protected underwater. If you’re planning on going scuba diving, you’ll need a dive tank and regulator to allow you to breathe underwater for longer periods of time. Also consider a weight belt, inflatable life jacket, and catch bags.

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Underwater safety

Safety is number one when diving or snorkelling. Take a buddy with you and any necessary safety equipment, such as a dive computer, knife, and flashlight. A SMB or DSMB and reel can also come in handy. If you’re scuba diving, it’s a good idea to have completed a certification and basic safety or rescue training too. Make sure your equipment has been safety tested by a professional. Always tell someone your plans and location for the day, and when you should be expected home.

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