Hiring a Wheelbarrow

Doing a spot of gardening? Streamline your day by hiring a wheelbarrow from Flack. Rather than struggling with an armload of garden debris, wheel it off for disposal at ease. You can’t go wrong with a wheelbarrow.

And speaking of renting wheelbarrows…

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Types of wheelbarrows

The most common wheelbarrow is the single-wheeled barrow, which has one wheel at the front of the barrow and requires you to lift and push from the back. Single-wheeled barrows are easy to manoeuvre and are ideal for most light gardening. If you’re working with heavier loads, consider using a multi-wheeled barrow. These may be harder to manoeuver, but have the advantage of being more stable.

Why Flack?

Flack makes hiring stuff, from people like you, really easy. You get the benefit of being able to pick stuff up from close by, for a cheaper price, and with the knowledge that you're having a positive impact on our environment. That's a triple whammy; That's pretty tough to ignore.
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