Hiring a Trailer

Great to own one, even better to hire one! Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe it’s greenery from your Amazonian property or perhaps you’ve decided on some aggressive household de-cluttering. Trailers are non-automative vehicles with a purpose of transporting stuff from one place to another and come in many forms designed to transport many things. In this case we’re talking about personal use “Simple” road trailers. A simple trailer (As defined by NZTA) has one, two or three axles arranged close together in an axle set. This is attached to the towing vehicle behind the axle closest to the rear of the towing vehicle.

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Types of trailers

  • Low sided trailer

    A tray or a box mounted on to the chassis with sides and sometimes a cover. Common type with many variations, used for every day hauling. Cage trailer – An extension of a box trailer although a cage trailer has a higher caged sides providing greater protection to the load.

  • Transport trailers

    These are trailers for transporting motorcycles, cars or other heavy equipment

  • Furniture trailer

    These look just like horse floats. Roomy Interior and cover from the elements. They are also usually quite tall with a rounded front face to reduce drag.

  • Chiller Trailer

    Ideal for carting food or beverages or any goods that need to remain cool.

Trailer safety

  • Check what the maximum towing weight of your vehicle is and do not exceed this.
  • Check what the maximum weight of the trailer is and do not exceed this.
  • A light vehicle towing a trailer is limited to a maximum open-road speed of 90km/h.
  • And guess what, A heavy vehicle towing a trailer is limited to a maximum open-road speed of 90km/h
  • Don’t overload the trailer and make sure that the weight is evenly distributed over the axle.
  • When towing ensure that any loose items are tied down and covered
  • Before hiring check that lights, break lights and indicators are working so that you don’t get pulled over by the fuzz.
Here's what NZTA's guide to staying safe when towing says:

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