Hiring a Tent

Make the most of an infinite number of awesome camping spots in New Zealand by renting a tent! Enjoy a solo hike, fun weekend with friends, or a spot of romantic glamping. Get out of the house for the weekend and enjoy a change of scenery!

And speaking of renting tents…

Flack is a great way to rent Tent near you, from people like you, at a better price than those expensive rental companies. Go on, give Flack a crack.

Types of tents

From ultra lightweight tramping-friendly materials, to durable canvas family friendly tents, to super weather-proof tents for big adventures, there’s a tent out there for you. Pick a compact one-person sleeper for a solo hike, a pop-up tent for super easy camping, or a grand 3-room suite for fun with friends and family!

Using a tent

Pick a nice camping spot and away you go - don’t forget to pack the tent poles, fly, and guy ropes! Ideally pick a designated camping spot, otherwise make sure you have nice even ground to pitch your tent. And it’s always useful to check out the instructions before you jump in to pitching it.

Why Flack?

Flack makes hiring stuff, from people like you, really easy. You get the benefit of being able to pick stuff up from close by, for a cheaper price, and with the knowledge that you're having a positive impact on our environment. That's a triple whammy; That's pretty tough to ignore.
So go on, give Flack a crack