Hiring a Surfboard

Make the most of an infinite number of awesome surfing spots in New Zealand by renting a surfboard! Whether you’re just giving it a go or you’re a seasoned professional, find a board to suit your needs on Flack.

And speaking of renting surfboards…

Flack is a great way to rent Surfboard near you, from people like you, at a better price than those expensive rental companies. Go on, give Flack a crack.

Types of surfboards

Surfboards come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. Longboards are great for beginners and for use in small waves, as they are larger and more buoyant. On the other hand, shortboards are more suited to advanced surfers as they have less buoyancy. Choose a surfboard depending on your level of experience, or the type of surf conditions you’re expecting.

Safety on the water

Safety is number one when out surfing. Take a buddy with you if possible, and always tell someone where you’re going and when you should be expected home. Always check the weather forecast before you head out, and play it safe especially if you’re a beginner or are surfing alone.

Why Flack?

Flack makes hiring stuff, from people like you, really easy. You get the benefit of being able to pick stuff up from close by, for a cheaper price, and with the knowledge that you're having a positive impact on our environment. That's a triple whammy; That's pretty tough to ignore.
So go on, give Flack a crack