Hiring a Sewing machine

Fancy doing a bit of DIY crafts? Hire a sewing machine on Flack. Brush up on your skills by following a pattern or get creative and design your own! Machine sewing and overlocking can bring your project to the next level and help your item last a long time.

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Types of sewing machines

Mechanical machines are typically powered by a foot pedal, and you can adjust the stitch length and width using knobs on the side of the machine. Like mechanical machines, electrical machines are operated using a foot pedal, however they require plugging in to an electrical socket. You may also find computerised sewing machines, which contain features such as automatically adjusting the bobbin tension.

Using a sewing machine

Don’t be fooled - while machines can save time and energy compared to hand stitching, they can also cause a real headache if you don’t understand how they work. Watch a YouTube video or read the manual to get an idea of the inner workings of the machine, and how to properly thread the needle and bobbin. Also check out what to do if the thread gets tangled. Make sure you use your machine on a stable, flat surface, and keep your fingers away from the needle.

Why Flack?

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