Hiring a Ladder

Carry out your job safely by hiring a ladder. You’ll find a variety of ladders on Flack to rent at an affordable price! Whether you’re cleaning out the guttering, chopping down trees, or doing some DIY, find a ladder to suit your needs on Flack.

And speaking of renting ladders…

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Types of ladders

It’s important to have the right tools for the job, and same goes for ladders. Step ladders and platform ladders are usually shorter but very stable, while extension ladders can reach high places but need to be properly supported when in use.

Using a ladder

Make sure you fully understand the ladder before you use it. Read the instructions and ensure it is properly secured with no broken parts. When using a longer ladder, avoid carrying heavy items and reaching sideways. For extra safety, ask a friend to hold the ladder steady while you’re on it.

Why Flack?

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