Hiring a Chainsaw

Chainsaws make the job of cutting wood quicker and easier, with the added bonus of making you feel like a pro. There’s nothing quite like knocking down a stubborn branch in one quick stroke. You can find chainsaws in a variety of sizes, chain types, and power levels.

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Types of chainsaws

There’s many to choose from, so consider the type of job and your personal expertise. Popular blade lengths range from 10-30 inches, so be sure to aim for a saw that’s slightly longer than the width of the object you’re cutting through. Chainsaws with longer guide bars generally come with higher powered engines. Go for a smaller less powerful chainsaw for pruning and a longer more powerful saw for felling trees.

Operating a Chainsaw

Even the smallest of chainsaws have a pretty good kick to them, so it pays to be careful. Be sure to wear protective gear and always follow the instructions provided by the vendor. This should keep you in good stead and away from any unwanted injury.

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