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It's as easy as 1,2,3

Renting your stuff out


List your item

Chuck it up on Flack free of charge with a photo, description and how much you want to rent it out for. You’ll be bringing in cash in no time.


Wait for the offers to fly in

If your pictures are nice enough and the price is right you'll have offers coming in quick smart.


Rent it out and earn your cash

Organise a pickup time. Make sure you get a video of your item working beforehand. Exchange the item. 7 days after the return of your item you receive your payment. Easy as.

Renting stuff from others


Have a quick search

You should quickly be able to find items near you at a reasonable price. Easy!


Book your item

Once you've found an item that takes your fancy, request a booking. When accepted by the vendor, and you've put through your payment, we'll give you the pickup details.


Put the item to use

On pickup of your item, make sure you get a video of your item going before you take it away. Organise a return time and be sure to get a video of the item on return. Well done!