Frequently Asked Questions

How do payments work?

Before a renter makes a booking, the lister and the renter can make contact through the Flack messaging centre. Once pick up times are agreed, and the lister is happy with the renter’s profile, the lister can accept the booking and from this point the renter can pay through our fully secure Stripe payment gateway. At the end of the month, we’ll pay out any booking revenue to the lister’s bank account.

What happens if my stuff gets stolen?

We have a theft and damages policy so that if an item or items are stolen or damaged, the user listing the item can claim back the market value of that item. There are a few rules and tips so be sure to check out the policy.Check out the policy here

Can I rent and list from the same account?

You sure can! On Flack your one profile allows you to make money from the items you own and rent stuff when you need it.

What is Flack's fee?

Flack charges a booking fee every time a booking is completed. The minimum booking fee is $2.00. For bookings of items with a daily listing rate of up to $200, the amount of the fee is 15% of the daily listing rate and will be charged for each day (or part day) of use. For goods with a daily listing rate of over $200, a reduced percentage fee is charged, comprising a one-off booking fee of 10% of the daily listing rate for the first day (or part day) of hire, and an additional 1% for second and subsequent days of hire.

How do I calculate a listing fee?

This is entirely up to you however it is a marketplace so there could be competition to win bookings from renters. Our recommendation is to work out the value of the item and then calculate your fee to be around 7-12% of the value.

Is my data secure?

Your trust is important to us and we’re committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. The information that’s shared with us helps us to provide a great experience with Flack. We have a dedicated privacy team that’s committed to protecting all the personal information we collect and help ensure that personal information is handled properly.