Let’s all hire battery powered tools!


"Let's get electrical... electrical!"

Us Flackers are focused on creating an ecosystem that embraces the share economy by allowing people to either monetise goods that they own by making them available to rent, or for people to access goods for hire that they might not necessarily want to buy. We believe that by consuming less and pooling our resources to share more, that we are contributing to a less wasteful society, that we’ll only buy goods that we need, and as a result would have more money to invest in better quality and longer-lasting goods.

Well, we’re getting there.

Our users are both early adopters and see the value in embracing the share economy ethos.

We’re constantly looking at how else we can create a more sustainable offering to our users and we have another cunning plan. A major category of focus for us, driven by user demand, is around DIY and Landscaping tools and machinery. The listings are coming in and there are more and more bookings for good quality products in this category.

Now traditionally, any motorised DIY and landscaping tools burn fuel and while I enjoy the smell of a good 2 stroke burn up, I don’t enjoy feeling like I’ve smoked a 20 pack of Pall Mall Reds, after the job. Thankfully most manufacturers of tools and equipment have been thinking about my poor lungs (and possibly climate change) and decided to create a suite of high end battery powered equipment. When this equipment hit the shelves in your local hardware store, most of us probably scoffed, maintaining that it simply can’t perform as well as fuel powered kit. Maybe we were right, but there is no denying now that this equipment is simply the ducks nuts, and with a good quality battery there's no problem knocking out the job at hand.

So…we want to explore how we can promote listings for battery powered equipment.

Here are some of the reasons why.

  1. These battery powered tools require minimal maintenance. This means that our lenders have less to worry about things going wrong and easier to maintain between rentals.
  2. No need for fuel, therefore the tool will cost less to run ensuring cheaper hire rates as the lender doesn’t need to provide fuel and the renter can simply re-charge from their own premises.
  3. They are lighter and easier to use meaning you can get your 3 year old to follow you around with the blower while you make a mess of your yard.
  4. And most importantly (in our righteous eyes) battery powered tools are better for the environment. Petrol powered tools emit high levels of carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen oxides. Which makes up a good chunk of NZs air pollution. By using battery powered tools you can cut down on these harmful emissions. It may not seem significant, but every little effort counts.

So what are we gonna do about it?

Well, we suggest you meet us halfway. You as users try and list or rent battery powered equipment and we’ll start hunting down partners that might be able to supply some battery powered kit for all you Flackers out there to use.

Watch this space…