Giving Flack a crack.

Time for an update on how we're progressing

Hi all,

we thought it was about time we gave you all a wee update on how things are going with Flack, the peer-to-peer rental platform we reckon will change the way people rent stuff out. AND change the way people view the stuff they have lying around.

So how have we been going?

Well, we think things have been ticking along just swell! Our unique pageviews continue to climb, along with registered user numbers and the amount of items listed. We receive beaut feedback from friends and strangers alike — it’s music to our ears. We get compliments on how good the idea is and that they can’t wait to give flack a crack. We also get a bunch of brilliant suggestions on items for listing, e.g Mahjong, carpet fans, shredders, studio space, sewing machines. And my personal favourite item so far has to be this delightfully joyous looking bouncy castle.

trajectory.png The kind of curve we like.

What have we been doing to get this growth?

You may have seen our Facebook posts about the place (apologies if you find these annoying), these started as our bread and butter and, thanks to you all, have worked out pretty well. Some of you liked, some of you commented, some of you even shared. At the same time, we went a bit traditional with a bit of a flyer drop around the Lynfield, Hillsborough, Mt Albert Areas.

You may also have seen our nifty targeted Youtube and Facebook advertising round the place as well. Talk about an education though, sheesh! there’s a fair bit of complexity to setting these bad-boys up and a hulking dollop of confusion on how Facebook ad manager works as well. But fortunately, we’ve got the mighty Ben on the team. Ben’s the persistent type and managed to master this beast of a system and tame it to our will. The desire that the three of us have to just give stuff a crack is really serving us well and we just want to experiment as much as we can with any form of advertising that gets us user-acquisitions.

Have a look at our nifty Youtube ad

So that’s the positives, let’s talk about negatives…

On the flip side, the biggest concern we get from people was “What if my stuff gets nicked?” And it’s a fair point, and one of the biggest challenges we knew we’d have to face in gaining the trust of people using the site. So just last week we announced the Flack theft guarantee as an extra piece of mind for anyone, putting their stuff up on Flack. The results have been pretty good so far as well, with an increase in the rate of listings added to the site. Bonza!

The other comment we would get was the fact that people couldn’t find the item they’re looking for. Because we’re new in town and still gaining inventory, it’s extremely easy to search for items that we don’t currently have any actually listed. It doesn’t leave a great taste in the mouth to come to the site and have this kind of disappointment hit you in the face. So, starting tomorrow, we’ll give a bit more feedback to let people know what’s going on when they’re hit with an empty search and try to entice them to get in on the money-making side of the platform. See below…


Anyway, that’s enough from me right now, we’re pretty chuffed with how things are going. Shan’s working like a madman to bring improvements to the site all the time, he’s wild, believe me. So be sure to keep a lookout for loads of nifty new features coming to Flack in the future. In particular, keep an eye out for…

  • An optional bond
  • Longer-term rentals
  • Partnering opportunities

and many more…

If you want to know more, be sure to check our other posts or try us out on facebook or even better… try Flack Oh, and please do keep the feedback coming. You can reach us at

Stay beautiful.