Here's a list of just some of our items on offer...


Make the most of New Zealand’s beautiful coastal scenery by renting a kayak! Enjoy a relaxing paddle through the mangroves, a fishing adventure, or a fun day at the beach with the kids.


Chainsaws make the job of cutting wood quicker and easier, with the added bonus of making you feel like a pro. There’s nothing quite like knocking down a stubborn branch in one quick stroke. You can find chainsaws in a variety of sizes, chain types, and power levels.


Make the most of an infinite number of awesome camping spots in New Zealand by renting a tent! Enjoy a solo hike, fun weekend with friends, or a spot of romantic glamping. Get out of the house for the weekend and enjoy a change of scenery!

Water blasters

Water blasters are a fantastic tool for cleaning outdoors, the deck, the driveway and around the house or boat. And tell ya what, they’re pretty satisfying as well. There’s nothing quite like seeing the filth being blown away right before your eyes. They come in a bunch of sizes, pressures and hot or cold depending on the size and type of your job.


Great to own one, even better to hire one! Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe it’s greenery from your Amazonian property or perhaps you’ve decided on some aggressive household de-cluttering. Trailers are non-automative vehicles with a purpose of transporting stuff from one place to another and come in many forms designed to transport many things. In this case we’re talking about personal use “Simple” road trailers. A simple trailer (As defined by NZTA) has one, two or three axles arranged close together in an axle set. This is attached to the towing vehicle behind the axle closest to the rear of the towing vehicle.

Bouncy castles

Take your party to the next level by renting an inflatable bouncy castle on Flack! They’re an awesome addition to events and birthday parties, and different types can be suitable for kids, toddlers, and even adults! Choose from a fun range of styles including traditional castles, or ones that incorporate slides and obstacle courses.

Scuba gear

Get into diving and snorkelling for a day by renting scuba gear on Flack! Find the right equipment to make your dive safer, easier, and more comfortable. About the gear A mask and snorkel is a great start to exploring the underwater world, allowing you to see and breathe while swimming around the surface. Fins or flippers are another essential to help you move through the water with ease. Wear a wetsuit to help you stay warm and protected underwater. If you’re planning on going scuba diving, you’ll need a dive tank and regulator to allow you to breathe underwater for longer periods of time. Also consider a weight belt, inflatable life jacket, and catch bags.


Carry out your job safely by hiring a ladder. You’ll find a variety of ladders on Flack to rent at an affordable price! Whether you’re cleaning out the guttering, chopping down trees, or doing some DIY, find a ladder to suit your needs on Flack.

Chilly bins

Fancy a day at the beach? Take it to the next level by packing cold drinks and snacks in a chilly bin (a.k.a. ice box, esky, or cooler). You’ll also find them useful for camping, fishing, and barbeque season.

Sewing machines

Fancy doing a bit of DIY crafts? Hire a sewing machine on Flack. Brush up on your skills by following a pattern or get creative and design your own! Machine sewing and overlocking can bring your project to the next level and help your item last a long time.


Make the most of an infinite number of awesome surfing spots in New Zealand by renting a surfboard! Whether you’re just giving it a go or you’re a seasoned professional, find a board to suit your needs on Flack.


Doing a spot of gardening? Streamline your day by hiring a wheelbarrow from Flack. Rather than struggling with an armload of garden debris, wheel it off for disposal at ease. You can’t go wrong with a wheelbarrow.